RESOLÜTE is a US based womenswear brand started in 2019 by Nolan Wells, specializing in luxury products for women of all sizes. Inspired by the mix of classic wardrobe staples and statement pieces, we are redefining the outdated standard and modernizing the visual representation of the modern-curvy woman. We believe in highlighting all women while immersing them in products that highlight every curve and work with their lifestyle. Our products are thoughtfully designed with your body in mind with high-quality fabrics sourced directly from the highest quality manufacturers that support its workers. We culminate in an innovative shopping and styling experience based on the fashion vision of Nolan Wells.

Our demand for excellence manifests in our promise of eco-friendly and fair-trade garments, an innovative shopping and styling experience, and the fashion vision of Celebrity & Editorial Wardrobe Stylist Nolan Wells.


RESOLÜTE: Shaped for your body.